Checkout Underworld (Blood Wars ) Trailer

Checkout out the trailer of  Kate Beckinsale Movie – Underworld: Blood Wars Cast of the movie includes  Kate Beckinsale, Lara Pulver, Theo James. All set to hit the cinemas soon.  

A Talented Host, Actor and Singer ‘Dasha’

Dasha is a very stylish, talented and highly skilled actress, host and music artist. Her career started professionally shortly after graduating from UCLA. She started working in the lab with her still producer Rob Deez and started working heavily with a wedding band every week. So she starting with ... Continue Reading

Snow White: The First Disney Film

Snow White The First Disney Film
Many young adults have a complicated relationship with Disney. It’s ubiquitous in childhood; the animated Disney canon is the building block for many imaginations, and a trip to Disney World is the height of heaven on earth. But in adulthood, the company’s corporate story takes the spotlight, overshadowing the ... Continue Reading

Star Wars – A Successful Series of Films

Star Wars
The series of films by the name of Star Wars was created by George Lucas. It was a trilogy of which the first film was released on May 25, 1977. The story is about a fictitious galaxy and the characters that live there. Space travel, super natural powers and ... Continue Reading

Bon Voyage: A Short Film Drama at Sea

The issue of whether or not to take in Syrian refugees polarizes opinion within the Western world. Some believe it’s our moral duty to welcome them with open arms, whereas others are worried about letting outsiders into our comfortable bubble. A new, emotionally-rich independent film entitled Bon Voyage is ... Continue Reading

5 Films That Feature Hot Air Balloons

air balloons in films
Hot Air Balloon trips are one of the most dramatic scenarios a film-maker can conjure up, what with the tension of being trapped and the only escape being down. Of course, directors also like the opportunity they give for a hero or a villain to escape, particularly in films ... Continue Reading