Bon Voyage: A Short Film Drama at Sea

BON_VOYAGE_Teaser_Poster02 BON_VOYAGE_Teaser_Poster02
The issue of whether or not to take in Syrian refugees polarizes opinion within the Western world. Some believe it’s our moral duty to welcome them with open arms, whereas others are worried about letting outsiders into our comfortable bubble. A new, emotionally-rich independent film entitled Bon Voyage is ... Continue Reading

Fashion For Playa Del Carmen

Fashion For Playa Del Carmen Fashion For Playa Del Carmen
Mexico is a casual place. Time is less important, schedules are flexible, and high fashion doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in Paris or Milan. Keep that in mind when packing for a vacation in Playa del Carmen. Leave the suit and tie at home, and keep ... Continue Reading

5 Films That Feature Hot Air Balloons

air balloons in films air balloons in films
Hot Air Balloon trips are one of the most dramatic scenarios a film-maker can conjure up, what with the tension of being trapped and the only escape being down. Of course, directors also like the opportunity they give for a hero or a villain to escape, particularly in films ... Continue Reading

Beauty Beds for Saloons

beauty bed for salons beauty bed for salons
Anytime you decide to put up a business, it is crucial that you should at least become acquainted with the dos and don’ts of the business. Like any other businesses, a soon to be proprietor of a spa business should first know how the system works. You need to ... Continue Reading